Stop Managing Paper! Document Management is the Answer

Paper documents are hard to share, costly to file, take up a lot of storage space, and are difficult to retrieve. Wouldn’t it be great if you could eliminate all that paper, store it on your server, and retrieve it with a simple click on a link?

Contact us to start managing your documents instead of your paper!

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Scan Documents Store Reports
Eliminate the filing of those Shippers, PODs and more by converting them to a digital format Save reams of paper by printing reports directly to digital format
Process Faxes Electronically Automatically Distribute Documents
Faxes don't need to print out, process them before they print. Documents automatically routed to the desired recipients.
Safe & Secure No Lost Documents
Prevent unauthorized viewing of documents. Powerful search tools to locate documents quickly.

Enlighten.Net, Inc. guarantees our document management and imaging products will help your business improve corporate communication, eliminate paper, and increase efficiency.

"Adams Air & Hydraulics has been an Enlighten.Net user for several years. We have found the software and application to be very robust and user friendly, with easily managed installation and maintenance. "
Robin C. Adams
Director of Operations
Adams Air & Hydraulics, Inc.

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Net.DFM auto-identifies documents

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